Monday, July 25, 2011

HK - Raymond Lam 林峰 - LF , Release date : 22 July 2011

Release date : 22 July 2011

Raymond Lam 林峰 - LF
Cantonese, Hong Kong.

This summer, Raymond Lam is entertaining fans at his Light Up My LIVE concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum. As is usual, his latest Cantonese album will also be released to coincide with the event. The main plug CHOK and the concert theme song "Heat Radiation" bookend the track list of LF, which also contains over a dozen other new songs and instrumental interludes. Among the new songs are TV drama theme songs Light Up My Life (for TVB's My Sister of Eternal Flower), "Trials" (upcoming TVB series Men with No Shadows), and in Mandarin "Looks True But Really False" (Mainland series Ad Mania).

01. LF
02. Chok
03. Broken
04. 11:53 P.M.
05. Baby Lady
06. 03:16 A.M.
07. 試煉
08. 06:41 A.M.
09. Light Up My Life
10. 我很痛
11. How Deep
12. Outrasound
13. 似是而非
14. 人一個
15. 熱能放送

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